FIFA World Cup 2022: Japanese fans clean the stadium after match

By Mishmita Deb
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Enner Valencia led Ecuador to a 2-0 victory against Qatar in the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Sunday at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. The post-match situation left the stadium filled with food waste, wrappers, cups, and other items as excited fans rushed up to cheer on the teams. As a result, after everyone else left the stadium, the Japanese fans stayed behind to help clean up.

Their act instantly gained widespread attention on social media and gained thousands of positive comments from viewers. Omar Al-Farooq, a Bahraini content creator, shared the video on Instagram.

The video shows Japanese spectators cleaning the stands after the crowd has departed the stadium while armed with big trash bags. To leave the area as tidy as they had found it, they went around various rows and picked up whatever they could find.

Take a look at the video below:

This video was posted one day ago and has since received over six lakh likes and several comments. Many people were touched by their generosity.

One person in the comments wrote, "This is nature. The people who pollute the place behind it are the strange ones. You see, we should clean up after ourselves. We must preserve our country and its playgrounds. Clean people at home are supposed to be clean everywhere. Let's make it easy for the cleaners and improve the treatment of public safety. " A second person said, "They treat everywhere as if it was their home, don't throw garbage in your home, and if you throw it, clean it. A nice video." "This is what makes them a developed and innovative country in everything," added a third. Many others have reacted using heart emojis.

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