Wild Elephant rampages across West Bengal street. Watch terrifying video

By Swarnali Saha
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A video of an elephant rampaging across a street has gone viral on social media. The video footage looks to have been recorded by a CCTV camera placed outside of a building. According to several reports, the incident occurred in West Bengal's Hooghly district.

In the video, you can see a large group of people lined up in front of what appears to be a medical supply. As the video goes on, you suddenly notice there is a huge uproar, and people begin to run from the area. The elephant then appears and charges the store. The people present were in complete shock. The elephant subsequently tosses a scooter and leaves.

Watch the video here:

This video was shared two days ago. Since being posted, it has been viewed over 1.3 million times. Many people have even commented on the clip.

Take a look at a few reactions below:

An individual in the post's comments section wrote, "There's a lot going on right there. Looks like the opening scene of a Tarantino movie!" Another person added, "Really thought the elephant was going to hop on the scooter for a minute there!!" "There is SO much happening here!" added a third.


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