Watch: Woman simultaneously draws eight hyper-realistic portraits

By Swarnali Saha
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The majority of people across the world are either right-handed or left-handed and prefer either hand over the other for tasks that require manual dexterity, including writing and drawing. That being said, a few people are able to use both hands with equal proficiency. Case in point, this artist from The Netherlands can use both her hands and feet to draw hyper-realistic portraits. Now, a video of her exceptional talent is doing the rounds on social media and is leaving people wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

“I used both feet and hands to create 8 realistic portraits upside down,” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram by ambidextrous artist Rajacenna. The timelapse video shows the artist working on eight portraits from scratch using both her hands and feet simultaneously. Towards the end of the clip, the screen shows the portraits of eminent personalities she made, including Albert Einstein, Justin Bieber, Zendaya, and Khaby. According to her website, she is the ‘world’s leading quadridextrous- ambidextrous 4-limbed multi drawing/painting artist’ who can create ‘different photo-realistic drawings with two feet and two hands at the same time’.

Watch the viral video below:

The video was shared on March 20 on Instagram. It has so far collected over 13.5 million views. Many have also flocked to the video’s comments section and shared their thoughts.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

“Being able to control all your limbs to draw is one thing. What blows my mind is HOW is her brain able to focus on EIGHT different sketches, tracking the progress of each and how she doesn’t need to SEE them to be able to complete them. It’s extraordinary,” posted an individual. Another joked, “When your assignment is due at 23:59 and you haven’t started.” “I refuse to believe this,” added a third. A fourth shared, “Has to be the most extraordinarily gifted talent I have ever seen. Amazing beyond belief.” “This is incredible,” commented a fifth.



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