Video of Bengaluru girls fighting on street in school uniform surfaces

By Tasso Konia
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An unverified video of a group of girls attacking each other in front of a Bengaluru school has gone viral on social media since they are dressed in school uniforms. It is unclear when the incident occurred. Officially, the reason for the fight is also unknown.

According to social media users, the fight resembles a fisticuff between students from two schools based on the uniforms of the students engaged. One of them is the well-known Bishop Cotton Girls' School in Bengaluru.

Y'all need to even if y'all haven't already ???????????? pic.twitter.com/fBbJv9CXoc

— T.sh (@Taha_shah0) May 17, 2022

In the viral video, the girls can be seen slapping each other and pulling each other's hair. One girl can be seen taking out a stick to beat others. Some boys were also present at the spot.

As seen in the viral videos, shouts, and shrieks could be heard throughout the fight. Some tried to divert them from the fighting. A different viewpoint of a video shows a girl with an injury.

While the school authorities neither intervened in the fight nor issued any statement, Twitter is flooded with accounts of those who saw the brawl take place. A purported screenshot of a message of a student who is believed to have taken part in the brawl said she was asked by a friend called Rachana to go to Bishop Cotton Girls' School to hit a girl she (Rachana) had some issue with.

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