Shruti Haasan responds to reports that she was hospitalised by saying,

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Shruti Haasan responded to the hospitalization rumors on Instagram and claimed that some media outlets exaggerated her post. Continue reading to find out his thoughts on this!

Shruti Haasan, a well-known actress, and singer have established herself in the business by providing the public with a number of popular films and songs. On her Instagram account, the actress recently published a motivational piece about her battles with PCOS and endometriosis.
Many well-known people have been vocal about their battles and problems with PCOD and PCOS throughout the years, including Sara Ali Khan, Sonam Kapoor, and others.

The Yevadu actress wrote about her struggles with PCOS while posting a video of her workout and did so in an effort to inspire other women who are dealing with the same hormonal condition. Shruti posted a brief excerpt from the note in which she stated, "Facing some of the worst hormonal issues with my PCOS and endometriosis - women know it's a tough fight with the imbalance and bloating and metabolic challenges - but instead of looking at it as a fight I choose to accept it as natural movement."
After a few days, though, her social media post about being admitted to the hospital as a result of this problem started to gain traction. In response to the rumours, Shruti posted a few Instagram stories explaining the situation and reassuring her that everything is great.


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"Hello to everyone from beautiful Hyderabad, where I am working nonstop and having the time of my life," the actress stated in the video. Just wanted to make it clear that I had written a post a few days ago about my exercise regimen and having PCOS, which many women do. Yes, it's difficult, but that doesn't mean I'm sick or in any type of serious condition. And I've realised that certain media sites have blown it out of proportion without reading the post itself, which is designed to be positive, Shruti continued. Today, I received calls wondering if I had been admitted to the hospital, which I have not, as is obvious. I'm doing great, thank you. Despite having PCOS for years, my health has been excellent. So, I appreciate your concern. In addition, she told the tale of media outlets that misreported information and propagated it over the world. In addition, the actress believed that rather than this exaggerated reaction, there should be an open, honest debate about reducing the stigma associated with discussing female health.

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