Ricky Kej on National Emblem: Critics may prefer Golden Retriever

By Tasso Konia
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Ricky Kej, a multiple Grammy winner from Bengaluru, has joined in on the controversy over the National Emblem, claiming that critics would have liked a Golden Retriever instead. "I love Golden Retrievers as well, but it is not our National Emblem," the musician tweeted during the controversy over the new emblem on the top of New Delhi's new Parliament building. PM Modi unveiled the emblem on July 11, and the representation has received criticism since then.

“Critics of this statue who are against the roaring, citing an angry or ferocious animal, know nothing about the Lions roar and know absolutely nothing about basic animal behaviour. The Lion roar has many reasons, and huge symbolism,” Ricky Kej tweeted.

"The Lion is a majestic wild animal. A symbol of fierce beauty and benevolence. Needs to be portrayed in all its glory, and with pride. Maybe critics prefer a Golden Retriever instead :-) I love Golden Retrievers too, but that is not our #NationalEmblem," he said.

The new emblem has been criticised for its aggressive portrayal of the lion, despite Sunil Deore and Romiel Moses, the designers of the new structure, which stands 6.5 metres tall and weighs 9,500 kg, claiming no deviation from the original design. According to Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, the difference is due to proportion and perspective. The original Sarnath Emblem stands 1.66 metres high, whereas the new emblem stands 6.5 metres high. The new emblem is photographed from below, giving it a unique appearance.

Anupam Kher, an actor, has also spoken out in support of the new portrayal of the lions in the emblem." If a lion has teeth, he will show it. After all, this is the lion of independent India. It will also bite if needed. Jai Hind," the actor tweeted.


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