Poodle V will not be making a comeback; BTS singer arrives in wavy hair for pre-recording.

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V, a member of BTS, shared a photo on his Instagram story.
He appears to be having a fresh haircut or hair color.
ARMY imagined that his poodle hair was resurfacing.
The musician quickly refuted the allegations but admitted that he misses his permed hair.
Later, he appeared with wavy hair on an occasion. 

On his own Instagram account, BTS member V has been highly active.
He frequently uploads images and videos to his social media accounts.
Whatever he says always generates a lot of interest among his fans.
His most recent post, though, piqued the ARMY's interest.

V, a.k.a. Kim Taehyung, updated his account with two new stories.
The first is a selfie taken in front of a mirror, in which the member is getting his hair done.
He's wearing a mustache that appears to be a filter.
In the background, the song Please Do Not Lean by Daniel Caesar (feat. BADBADNOTGOOD) may be heard.
Here's the link to the article: 

[thv] instagram story

[???? please do not lean (feat. badbadnotgood) https://t.co/TrK1YEAIO3] pic.twitter.com/blvDuX8VKH

— ? (@7btstranslation) June 12, 2022


A video of a man playing the piano was his second narrative. The artist appears to have wavy curly hair in the video.

220612 | thv Instagram Story https://t.co/TIZM18yHfk#BTS #????? @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/MPu2Edp3tt

— nova? (@nxvatwt) June 12, 2022

Many admirers speculated that because V posted these two stories so close together, the Singularity singer is getting a perm again. His poodle-like haircut is expected to resurface. "So you're saying you're getting a perm in this manner, right?" an ARMY posted on Weverse, wanting to confirm this. Tyung [Taehyung] will look good in anything he does. Perm is encouraged. "The moustache has grown considerably longer." "It's just a video that I like," V said in response. He refuted rumours that his permed hair might make a reappearance, but admitted that he enjoyed the period and even misses the hairstyle. Let us remind you that V tried permed hair during the promotion of their song, Butter, in May 2021. His appearance was dubbed 'Poodle' by band members and fans.

kim2 Kim Taehyung photographed on his way to Mnet's 'M COUNTDOWN' recording today ????????#kimtaehyung #taehyung #v #tae #bts pic.twitter.com/mhb1mmGm4m

— raka (@kakangq) June 13, 2022

He stepped out for the M Countdown pre-recording with wavy hair, putting an end to rumours of permed hair. For the time being, he has denied getting a perm, but if the haircut does return, it will be a win for ARMY. (A/N: Do you have a message for your favourite Hallyu star? Do not be concerned; we have the ideal solution for you. Send your letter to [email protected], and we might just deliver it to your favourite people. P.S. If you want to be featured, don't forget to provide your name and social media handles.

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