Nature helps people cope with body image issues

By Tasso Konia
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The presence of nature, according to a recent study, can assist people in dealing with poor body image by eliminating some of the causes of body image concern, such as the constant emphasis on social media, and boosting coping mechanisms that help people maintain unpleasant feelings in context.

The result of this study was published in the 'Ecopsychology Journal'.

There were 401 individuals from the United Kingdom who participated in the study. They were asked to answer surveys regarding their exposure to the outdoors, "rational acceptance," and enjoyment of their bodies.

In general, rational acceptance may be characterized as the process by which people rationalize and maintain in perspective any sensations of poor body image that come and go in and out of their lives.

The findings of the study showed that all three indicators were associated with favorable outcomes in both men and women.

When the researchers found that spending time in natural areas gave possibilities for positive body image coping methods, they were the first to investigate how exposure to nature might help the mind cope with transient emotions of low self-image.

Physical and emotional separation from sources of body image challenges such as unrealistic beauty standards, mirrors, and social media may be the cause of this phenomenon.



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