Korean blogger tries pani puri and can't stop at just one. Watch

By Swarnali Saha
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Pani puri, also known as golgappa or puchka, is a famous street food that holds a special spot in people’s hearts. Now, a video of a Korean blogger trying this well-liked street food for the first time is doing the rounds on social media. And whether you like it with hot ragda or with tangy green and sweet tamarind chutney and mashed potatoes, this particular video showing the man enjoying the snack may make you crave it too.

“I’m trying something new and exciting - Street Pani Puri! Do you have a favorite Indian street food? Let me know in the comments below, and maybe I’ll give it a try next. Yum!” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram. The video opens to show a blogger, who goes by Korean Ladka, asking the street vendor for a sweet pani puri and trying it. Delighted by the spicy and sweet flavour of the crunchy treat, he asks for more. “It’s good,” he can be heard saying in the video. Towards the end, the woman behind the camera asks him if it is ‘tastier than Haldiram’s’. To this, he replies that it is ‘much better’.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared two days ago, the video has accumulated over 1.5 lakh views and numbers. Many also expressed their thoughts in the comments section. While many shared that they love pani puri, others suggested he should also try ‘vada pav and missal pav’ and ‘chole bhature’.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

“Try vada pav and misal pav in Bombay!” commented an individual. Another added, “Yes street Pani puri is best. ” “I love spicy pani puri,” shared a third. A fourth suggested, “Try chole bhature. ” “I can eat 25 spicy pani puris,” posted a fifth.

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