Karnataka: RSS leader Indresh Kumar accuses hijab-wearing Muskan Khan for disturbing harmony

By Tasso Konia
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According to RSS leader Indresh Kumar, Bibi Muskan Khan, the student who rose to fame during the hijab protests in Karnataka, is planning to disrupt the state's peace. Bibi Muskan Khan is a Muslim girl who lives in Karnataka.

As part of a plot to damage the peaceful environment in the state, the RSS leader stated that Khan, who always wears jeans, protested wearing hijab as part of a conspiracy to damage the peaceful environment in the state.

"Muskan khan always wears jeans. she did this conspiracy, it's condemnable. They are trying to demean the peaceful environment," Kumar said. 

He also spoke on the hijab topic, which has turned into a tremendous controversy across the state. "RSS has made its stand on this perfectly clear. Few extremists are trying to mislead these daughters, but there are a few of them "Kumar said himself.

"They are not only attempting to brainwash them and use them against our country, but they are also attempting to divert them from the path of Islam," the RSS leader continued.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka government has made it quite clear that students who do not wear hijab or saffron shawls would not be permitted to attend school.

Protests against the hijab in Karanataka

It was in January of this year when several girls at the Government Girls PU college in Karnataka's Udupi district said they had been prohibited from attending courses because they were wearing the hijab.

Some students alleged that they were denied access to the campus because they were wearing a headscarf during the demonstrations. Following this occurrence, students from several colleges converged on the Shanteshwar Education Trust in Vijayapura, where they were wrapped in saffron scarves.

A similar situation may be found at other colleges in the Udipi area.

At an earlier circular, the pre-university education board said that students may only wear uniforms that were approved by the school administration and that no other religious rituals would be permitted in institutions.

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