Hijab row: If protests continue, Karnataka's home minister warns strict action will be taken

By Tasso Konia
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Araga Jnanendra, the Karnataka Home Minister, stated today that if protests in favor of the hijab continue, strict action will be taken.

While stating that the general situation is peaceful, the Home Minister stated that just a few incidents have been reported about the alleged denial of entry to girls into schools while wearing headscarves and Burqas.

Students are required to wear hijab until they reach the premises and to remove it once entering the university, and the state government is following the interim order decision of the High Court.

This statement from Araga Jnanendra comes after a few students of Karnataka Public School in Nellihudikeri in Kodagu district staged a protest against the hijab ban.

Meanwhile, in the Udupi district, prohibitory orders under Section 144 have been imposed in the nearby area of pre-university colleges and degree colleges; parents of students staged a protest in front of Mallar Pakirnakatte Maulana Azad high school against the authorities for forcing hijab-wearing students to sit in a separate room.

The parents demanded that students be allowed to sit in classrooms while wearing hijabs, and they also notified the authorities that their children will not be sent to school unless they were wearing headscarves.

The Hijab protests in Karnataka began in January of this year when several students from Government Girls PU College in the state's Udupi district alleged that they had been prohibited from attending classes because they were wearing the hijab.

Some students alleged that they were denied entry into the campus because they were wearing a headscarf during the protests.

Students would only be permitted to wear the uniform approved by the school administration, and no other religious rituals will be permitted at colleges, according to a circular issued by the pre-university education board.

As a result of hearing multiple petitions challenging the state's prohibition on wearing hijab, the Karnataka High Court made an appeal to the student community and the general public to maintain peace and tranquillity.

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