Health benefits of eating moong beans every day

By Tasso Konia
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Whether you're recovering from an illness or trying to improve your immunity or appetite, moong dal is one of the healthiest beans you can eat since, in addition to being full of nutrients, it's also easy to digest and regarded a satvic food in Ayurveda. Moong dal is known as mudga in ancient medicinal practice, which means it brings joy and happiness. Moong beans may be used to produce khichdi, chilla, daliya, crispy fritters, and even tasty halwa in addition to conventional dal.

"Moong beans (Green grams) are considered as the Queen of Pulses (the best of all pulses) and a superfood in Ayurveda due to their many health benefits. Among all beans, it is the easiest and lightest to digest, generates the least gas, and has a Sattvic impact on the mind "Dr. Dixa Bhavsar recently stated on Instagram.

According to Dr. Bhavsar, Ayurveda considers moong dal to be the best and advocates eating it regularly in meals due to its medicinal and unique qualities. It also balances kapha and pitta while mildly aggravating vata.

The expert lists the medicinal qualities of moong beans as per Ayurveda:

- Sweet and astringent in taste

- Vipaka (post-digestive effect) is pungent

- It is ruksha (dry)

- Laghu (light to digest)

- Grahi (absorbent)

- Shitha (Cold in potency)

- Vishada (the one that clears the obstructed body channels and improves metabolism)

Unique qualities of Moong:

- Drishta prasadana (very good for eyes)

- Jwaragna (relieves fever)

- Varnya (improves skin complexion)

- Pushti bala pitsa (provides physical strength)

Storehouse of nutrients

Moong beans are rich in iron, potassium, amino acids and antioxidants. They are the easiest-to-digest source of plant-based protein.

Here are the benefits of moong beans explained by Dr Bhavsar:

- Moong beans help improve immunity

- It aids in lowering total cholesterol

- The lentil is considered good for liver

- Moong beans are helpful in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes

- Moong beans provide 80 per cent of the recommended dietary intake for folate in one cooked cup, which is essential for the growth of the fetus and so is a very good supplement for pregnant women.

- Moong bean powdered and applied as a face pack helps in brightening the skin, treating acne, and eczema and relieving itchiness.

- Powdered moong can also be used as a substitute for chemical soaps for those with sensitive skin and the best thing about it is that it is conducive to all ages of people.

- It is best used in most diseases in the form of soup (mudga yusha) as it becomes easy to digest and absorb.

Dr Bhavsar says that one should not forget to soak moong before cooking as the process removes phytic acid from them making them easier for us to digest and absorb nutrients.

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