From oranges to strawberries, these vitamin C-rich fruits can help boost your immunity

By Tasso Konia
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In addition to being a powerful antioxidant and an essential micronutrient, vitamin C is required for the growth, development, and repair of human tissues, as well as the proper functioning of other bodily systems. It also contributes to the enhancement of immunity against infections such as Covid-19, as well as the reduction of the risk of heart disease, cancer, and eye illness. Nmami Agarwal, a nutritionist, has recommended several fruits that might help you get your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.

Oranges and sweet limes are commonly recognised as great sources of vitamin C, and they are not alone in this regard. One medium-sized orange has 70 milligrammes of vitamin C, which is closer to the 65-90 milligrammes of vitamin C recommended for people on a daily basis. Sweet lime, on the other hand, has 50 milligrammes of vitamin C per serving.

Kiwi: Kiwi is a powerhouse of vitamin C and antioxidants, and it can aid to boost immunity and reducing the chance of contracting an infection. Approximately 60 mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is contained in one small kiwi fruit.

Green chilli: Not only is green chilli a wonderful source of vitamin C, but it is also a naturally occurring supply of iron. Consider including it into your diet for beautiful, glowing skin. A single green chilli has 109 milligrammes of vitamin C.

Strawberry: Packed with vitamin c and fibre, strawberry is considered a cholesterol-free and low-calorie food having high levels of antioxidants. One bowl of strawberry provides 98 mg of vitamin C

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