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All we need in the middle of a workday is an excuse to get up and dance, and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra provided us with just that, along with a health twist to help us maintain or increase our fitness levels amid the recent coronavirus outbreak. To escape "monotony," Shilpa substitutes a dance workout for her yoga practice, and her popular video on Freestyle Aerobics provides all of the exercise incentives we need to "enhance cardiorespiratory health" in the midst of the Omicron spread.

Shilpa took to social media to share a video of herself working out with a dancing partner, which she posted on her account. Shilpa appeared in the film wearing a seductive halter-neck bralette top paired with a pair of matching multi-colored tights with her hair tied back into elegant braids to flaunt the athleisure trend.

Shilpa, who can be seen swaying in the video, said in the comment, "I enjoy mixing up my training regimen to keep things interesting because monotony can be detrimental to your progress." Working out in a variety of ways or styles guarantees that every session is interesting and exciting, and that your strength and agility (sic) are being developed."

"It helps me stay focused and challenges my brain with a variety of sets while also requiring mind-body synchronization," she continued. "The NEW Freestyle Aerobics program (sic) on the @simplesoulfulapp is one of my current favorites among the Dance Workouts on the @simplesoulfulapp."


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Elaborating on the perks of doing so, Shilpa revealed, “It’s a fun way to burn fat, the dance steps help sharpen the brain, and the movements help improve cardiorespiratory health. Isn’t it a complete package?!?! (sic)?”

The health advantages of dancing are numerous, ranging from enhancing the condition of one's heart and lungs to boosting physical strength, endurance, and motor fitness, among other things. As well as improving coordination, agility, and flexibility, it also improves cardiovascular fitness, muscular tone, and strength. It also helps with weight management and bone strength, as well as lowering the chance of developing osteoporosis if practiced regularly or as a competitive sport.

Aside from improving mood and reducing anxiety, dancing is a joyful exercise that sharpens the intellect, promotes physical and mental health by reducing the risk of falling and improving posture, and is good for the soul. An investigation found that persons who dance on a daily basis have a decreased chance of developing cardiac issues.



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