Fans can't get enough of Malaika Arora's saree and cape look

By Swarnali Saha
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Malaika Arora was spotted in Mumbai on Friday, probably for attending an event or making an appearance on a TV show. She looked stunning in a cream saree, sequinned blouse paired with a long matching cape over it. She had her hair tied in a neat bun and complemented the look with a large pearl necklace. Her fans loved her look and praised her on social media. 

A paparazzo account on Instagram shared a video of Malaika getting into the car. She paused for a moment to pose for the paparazzi. A fan reacted to the video, “All our indian actress look so so pretry in Indian wear. Just cant take off my eyes. She is looking so pretty.” Another wrote, “Wow her attire is awesome.” One more commented, “Loved it loved her outfit after so long.” A comment also read: “Ye Indian outfit me kitni achii lg rhi (she is looking so nice in Indian outfit).” A fan also wrote, “Age is just number for her.” Many others marvelled over her outfit and called her “gorgeous” in the comments section.

Malaika recently saw the release of her latest dance number, Tera Ki Khayal. She features in the song alongside Guru Randhawa who has also sung the song and written the lyrics along with Royal Maan. The music video shows her on the dance floor once again, in multiple glamorous outfits. The song is composed by Sanjoy with video direction by Bosco Leslie Martis.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble last year, Malaika had said that she is ‘not silly and stupid’ and knows what looks good on her. She had talked about being questioned about her clothing ‘all the time’ and said, “A woman is always judged by the length of her skirt or the plunge of her neckline… I cannot live my life according to what people have to say about my hemline or my neckline. Dressing is a very personal choice. You may think a certain way but it may not be for me. I cannot dictate it to anybody and everybody. My personal choices should be my personal choices and vice-versa so I cannot sit in judgement and say, ‘Oh, why are you dressing a certain way?’”


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