Do you have diabetes? This is the best time to enjoy fruits

By Tasso Konia
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People who have diabetes often have difficulty making healthy eating choices. When it comes to diabetes control, choosing foods that don't mess with one's blood glucose levels is critical to success. Foods having a low glycaemic index (glycaemic load) are advised for controlling blood sugar levels. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, dairy, and nuts are examples of foods that are high in phytonutrients.

Does this suggest that diabetics should avoid eating fruits? While fruits are packed with nutrients and fibre, eating too much of them might trigger a spike in your blood sugar levels if you consume too much of them.

Fruit consumption should be done in accordance with a few guidelines in order to gain the greatest number of health benefits...

"Be smart about your fruit choices and make sure you follow these basic rules," says nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary.

The finest fruits for diabetics are those that are low in sugar.

Apples, avocados, blackberries, cherries, grapefruit, peaches, pears, plums, and strawberries are some of the healthiest fruits for those with diabetes. According to Chowdhary, they are low-sugar fruits with a glycaemic load that is generally 6.

If you have a metabolic disorder, you should avoid certain fruits such as bananas, chiku, mangoes, fruit juices, and grapes, among others.

The time to eat fruits for diabetics is during the daytime.

Our metabolic activity varies depending on the time of day, and eating fruits while your body's digestive fire is at its peak may be beneficial in the case of diabetics.

"Try to consume fruit during the hours of 1-4 pm, when your body's digestive fires are at their most," Chowdhary advises.

According to the dietitian, eating a piece of fruit before or after an exercise is beneficial since it allows our bodies to use up the extra carbohydrates more rapidly.

Fruits provide several health benefits for diabetes.

Fiber and vitamins are rich in fruits, making them an excellent choice for those with diabetes.

"Fibre is essential in slowing down the absorption of sugar and maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. As a result, it is recommended to consume whole fruits rather than juice in order to prevent vitamin and fibre loss "Shruti Bharadwaj, Senior Clinical Dietician at Narayana Hrudayalaya Multispeciality Hospital Ahmedabad, explains how to eat healthily.

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