Dignath, a Kannada actor, injures his neck while doing a back flip and is taken to a Bengaluru hospital.

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Dignath, a Kannada actor, broke his neck while attempting a backflip in Goa. The actor was flown from Goa to a hospital in Bengaluru. His condition, according to sources, is critical.

Dignath, a Kannada performer, had a neck injury while performing a backflip in Goa. The 38-year-old actor was taken to a local hospital. His relatives sought treatment at Bengaluru's Manipal hospital after learning of his critical condition. Following that, with the assistance of the Goan government, a special jet was arranged.
Dignath was flown in a private jet on Tuesday (June 21), and the plane landed at Bengaluru's HAL airport around 4:30 p.m. The actor was taken to Manipal Hospital in a Manipal Hospital ambulance. His condition, according to sources, is critical.

According to sources, the actor was in Goa with his wife on vacation. He did a backflip as part of his daily gym routine on Tuesday morning, but landed on his head and suffered a significant neck injury.
The actor previously suffered an injury to his right eye while filming the Hindi film Ticket to Bollywood in 2017. His cornea was damaged when a stilleto slammed into him on the set of the movie.

In 2006, Dignath made his acting debut. He went on to star in over 35 films after that, including lead roles in films like Pancharangi and Galipata. He also appeared in Mangaru Male as a cameo. He is currently anticipating the release of Gaalipata 2, which will be released on August 12th.

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