Auto rickshaw with convertible roof. Netizens say it's ‘Rolls Royce of auto’

By Swarnali Saha
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The videos that show modified vehicles are often amusing to watch. In fact, there are several videos that capture people giving creative twists to make their vehicles look entirely different. One such video showing an auto rickshaw with a convertible roof has gone viral. Posted on Instagram, the video shows how the roof of an auto retracts, just like a luxury car.

The video opens to show a pink-coloured auto. The vehicle's exterior and interior are designed in two pink hues. As the video progresses, a man demonstrates how the convertible roof of the auto works.

Take a look at the Instagram video:

The video was posted last month. Since being shared, the clip has gone viral. Till now, the video has accumulated over 1.1 million views and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the clip has gathered several likes and comments.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted:

“Auto Royce,” shared an Instagram user. “The convertible that I can afford,” joked another. “The Rolls Royce of auto,” commented a third. “A class auto,” posted a fourth. What are your thoughts on the video?

A few days ago, another video of a modified auto rickshaw stunned people, including business tycoon Harsh Goenka. The video shows an auto designed like a luxury car.

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