AED 379 for a print and digital bundle of Gulf News.

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Dubai: Gulf News subscription campaigns have always focused on providing readers with high-value offerings in exchange for access to our high-quality, in-depth journalism. And the offer for 2022 continues that pattern. Gulf News is providing a 'bundle subscription offer' for the first time.

What exactly does that imply? It includes a full print membership as well as unrestricted access to gulfnews.com. As a result, you not only receive the feel of a print edition but also get access to a vast library of in-depth online content that is updated hourly.

"As promised, we have arrived with a stronger subscription campaign for 2022, with high-value coupons and access to all our goods," Gulf News CEO and Editor-in-Chief Abdul Hamid Ahmad stated.

Our readers have complete faith in Gulf News, whether in print or online, and we hope that with this new offer, even more people who are already familiar with Gulf News' high-quality journalism in print will be able to experience the same when it comes to Gulf News online, including all of its unique content that constantly looks beyond the news to bring readers the full picture. With this new offer, we hope to increase our community of both print and online readers."

This new subscription campaign, according to Gulf News Executive Editor Meher Murshed, allows subscribers unrestricted access to gulfnews.com for a year.

"We are the first in the region to offer a print and digital combination, resulting in an engaging read." We have a number of good web items, including Living in the UAE, Your Money, Parenting, Food, Special Reports, and Games, some of which are printed. Print readers, on the other hand, may now take advantage of the complete digital bouquet, reading the best of material in print before moving on to gulfnews.com for in-depth reading. In 2022, we will have reached a new period in which digital and paper coexist. Readers who prefer the feel of print may obtain quick news on digital and be informed and up to date 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

"Our readers are of paramount significance to us — they are our genuine riches," said Gulf News Human Resources Director K.C. Nissar. We appreciate their commitment and the fact that they have been a part of our family for so long. We've done our best for our readers in this subscription campaign for 2022, with a new print and digital bundle subscription offer that provides the best value for all of our members. We hope that everyone takes advantage of it to get a year of uninterrupted reading, access to content, and vouchers."

Potro Raju, Gulf News' Director of Circulation Sales and Distribution, spoke on the subscription offer. "We are pleased to once again offer a terrific subscription deal to both our existing subscribers and new readers who choose to join us during this time." The yearly subscription bundle price of AED 379 includes an annual print membership as well as one year of online access to gulfnews.com. Our campaign partners will also give each annual subscription vouchers worth AED 600."


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