Adil Khan's ‘girlfriend’ Nivedita Chandel reacts to Rakhi Sawant's comments

By Swarnali Saha
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Paparazzi in Mumbai caught up with model Nivedita Chandel on Wednesday at an event. Nivedita recently starred in a music video and rose to the limelight after actor Rakhi Sawant accused her of having an affair with her husband Adil Khan Durrani. She even said in a video that Nivedita is pregnant with Adil's child.

At the event, Nivedita was asked about the allegations made against her by Rakhi. “Woh toh Modi ji ko bhi bahut saari cheezein bolti hai toh kya sahi hogaya (She tells PM Narendra Modi also a lot of things, are those true)?” She added, “I don't care what people think about me. I can't keep clarifying things. I know what I am.” Nivedita added that she would very much like to not get into this topic but mentioned that she did speak to Rakhi a couple of times and was ‘sweet' to her. “Maine koi baztameezi nahi ki (I did not misbehave),” she said.

Earlier, Rakhi had taken Nivedita's name as Adil's girlfriend. She said in a paparazzi interaction, “Tanu Chandel, Adil's girlfriend, she is pregnant. This is shocking for me. Adil, you planned the baby with me, I am your wife. And you are giving babies to girlfriends.”

Earlier, an FIR was filed against Adil in Mysuru and then, an Iranian woman accused him of rape. Adil Khan Durrani has been accused of raping, cheating, threatening, and blackmailing a female student who came to Mysuru from Iran to study, the police said.

Adil was arrested after Rakhi filed an FIR against him, alleging he mishandled her funds. Rakhi also accused him of engaging in domestic violence. Rakhi also claimed that Adil had broken up with her and was living with his alleged girlfriend.

Rakhi further stated that she will opt for a divorce as he cheated on her. While Adil had initially called it false, he finally admitted that he and Rakhi had been married.

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